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Chained Door
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Join us for the most interactive and adventurous walking tours in Athens, Nafplio, or Santorini!

Become a local for one day and have fun with our outdoor riddle games in National Garden in Athens, the heart of Plaka, the Old Town of Nafplion , or Fira of Santorini! Solve the mystery, and unfold the secrets of Hellas!!

Are you looking for organisation and design of unique TEAM BUILDING interactive outdoor escape room events? You are in the right spot! Find more information here



Playing. Thinking. Learning.


Immerse Yourselves In A Unique Adventure!

Our Experience Walks are a combination of a guided tour, a treasure hunt, and an outdoor escape room!

You get to explore the city figuring out thought-provoking clues and you learn more about the story along the way. You and your group will definitely enjoy yourselves!

Your clues can be hidden in different places, so the hunter will find clues in each place to lead them to the next spot. Or, the clues can lead you to find information in each spot that will add up to solving a puzzle of some kind with the answer of where the treasure is hidden.


Understand the cultural background!

All our games are based on the history of each place and the puzzles that players are asked to solve come in direct contact with the culture and historical background of Greece!


Unforgettable Moments!

The time spent together reminds children and parents they’re valued members of the family. Each person knows they have input and meaning. The simple act of realizing parents place the utmost importance on family bonding time shows children they’re worthy of consideration and love.

The memories created during those activities are something a kid takes with them throughout their life!

A regular family bonding activity is a haven for communication. It is a time to watch the communication between each family member flourish!

Our Greek Experience Walks are one of the best ways for a family to have an amazing bonding experience while traveling abroad. Don’t miss on this great opportunity to create memories that will last you a lifetime!



Are you able to find the centuries-old lost pendant of Queen Amalia?

The National Garden was formed in 1839 as the garden of the palace of the first Kingdoms of Greece. Queen Amalia's interest in the Garden was such that she spent at least three hours a day taking care of it personally. There is a legend that Queen Amalia lost her gold pendant in one of the plantings, which today is an object of untold value, which is still in the Garden! Will you be able to collect all the clues and solve the mystery that has been hovering around the pendant of Queen Amalia for centuries? The heart of Greek and Athenian history beats in the National Garden. It is there waiting for you to explore it!



Discover the true essence of Greece!

In the narrow streets of Plaka, grandpa Archimedes, an old man from Anafi island in Cyclades, leaves a mysterious letter to his grandchildren and then he disappears.

After the devastating WWII, among the debris under the Rock of Acropolis, he found pieces of an old dashboard !

Could that be the mystery riddle-based game that his ancestors brought back from their island Anafi to the capital of  Greece ?

During this fun, engaging and hands-on activity, you will learn all about the history of magnificent landmarks, hike under the Rock of Acropolis, take amazing Instagram photos, and, most importantly, have fun!



Are you able to become a knight?

Since 1212 until the end of the Venetian occupation, the fief of Nafplion has been governed by many noble families. These families had a very close relationship with the Order of the Knights Templar and it was only a matter of time for a new, secret order of Knights to be gathered in Nafplion to defend and protect the city from any intrusion and enemy.

The name of this new order of Knights is Ordo Leonis and nowadays is seeking the modern Knights who are going to defend the glory and prosperity of the city of Nafplion.

A mysterious letter from the Grand Magister is the start of this unique adventure..

Learn the history of Nafplion in the most interactive and experiential way!! Have fun with your friends and family strolling in the narrow streets of the old city Nafplion and learn the history of the first capital of Greece solving riddles and puzzles.

Be a knight for a day and solve the mystery!



Become a spy in the most fascinating Greek island!

There is something amiss in the beautiful island of Santorini!

A spy has hidden a vitally important item somewhere on the island.

Can you retrieve it on time?



Step into a world of excitement and camaraderie with our tailor-made team building experiences at My Greek Experience Walks! 

Are you ready to take your team building to the next level? Picture this: a thrilling adventure that combines the great outdoors, mind-bending riddles, and a dash of mystery to ignite the spirit of collaboration within your team. At My Experience Walks, we specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences through alternative outdoor escape games designed to strengthen bonds and foster teamwork.




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