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Team Building

At My Greek Experience Walks, we specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences through alternative outdoor escape games designed to strengthen bonds and foster teamwork.


Setting the Scene

Step into a carefully designed outdoor environment, where every detail contributes to an immersive storyline. The stage is set, and your team is about to become the heroes of their own adventure.

Tailored Mysteries

Your team isn't just solving riddles; they're uncovering a plot intricately woven into your company's narrative. From corporate espionage to solving a crime specific to your industry, our scenarios are customized to resonate with your team's professional world.


Collaborative Problem Solving

The heart of our experience lies in collaborative problem-solving. Teams must work together, drawing on each member's strengths, to crack codes, decipher puzzles, and unlock the next chapter of the story. It's not just about finding solutions; it's about building a collective mindset.

Interactive Fun

While the mysteries unfold, we infuse moments of interactive fun. Imagine your team taking a break from decoding to enjoy spontaneous dance-offs or team-building activities that add an extra layer of enjoyment to the adventure.


Team Building with Impact

Beyond the thrill, our escape games are strategically designed to reinforce key team-building principles. Communication, trust, and adaptability are put to the test in an environment that seamlessly blends challenge and enjoyment.

But...why us?



Professional Tailoring

Our experiences are curated to align with your company's values and objectives.


Expert Game & Set Design

Every puzzle, clue, and twist is meticulously crafted for maximum engagement.


Memorable Team Moments

Forge lasting bonds as your team conquers challenges together.

Ready to embark on a team-building journey like never before? 

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